Welcome to Digger's Testimonial Website!

I am delighted to welcome you to the Paul Diggin testimonial year, as I am sure you agree, Paul typifies what a testimonial season is all about. This is without doubt the most richly deserved testimonial in the clubs history.

He is a player who has not only committed his entire professional career to one club, but to rugby in the town in general with his dedication to coaching at his junior club, BBOB.

His commitment to the club is reflected in the way Paul plays the game, by modern standards, not the biggest winger in the premiership in stature, he certainly has one of the biggest hearts. His technical skill and tactical awareness have very much been a hall mark of his game. As a player Paul has not relied on size to make his mark, however his 143 appearances is testament to a whole hearted commitment to the way he plays every game and reflects on his great skill as a player. There is no better finisher in the premiership than Paul.

His performances over his 10 years in the 1st team have been second to none, twice Paul has been the clubs leading try scorer and he remains the only player to score 4 tries in a Heineken cup game. In a club that has had many great wingers, Paul’s try scoring record is without equal.

I am sure you will join me in wishing Paul every success in the very much deserved testimonial season and
I look forward to welcoming you all to the many events we have planned during the season.

Keith Smith